Scientific Reasons Why Yoruba’s Have More Twins Than Any Other Tribe In Nigeria

In Yoruba land you can not count more than two households with out counting a twins, this can be attributed to many factors which are related to fetish believes and some of their traditional practices. Twin birth rates within the Yoruba tribe are said to be between 40-50 births per every 1,000 births. Which the scientific reason for this wonder is because the Yorubas have a high consumption of a particular type of yam that contains phytoestrogen.
This hormone causes the ovaries to release eggs from both sides, increasing the chances of a pregnancy that produces twin babies to 75%. Yoruba twins are now revered and given special names like Taiwo which means “the first to taste the world” and Kehinde, “the child that came behind gets the rights of the elder.”

Drama as 14year old Groundnut seller asks Actress Regina Daniels out -Fans react to Regina's comment

Regina Daniels is not only admired by adults but also minors for obvious reasons.
She is not only beautiful, but she is also talented and classy.
A random boy on the street didn’t hide his intention to make her his girlfriend even when he knows it’s a wild thought. The cherry hawker refused to collect money for the fruit he sold as he offered to be paid in kind.
Regina Daniels wrote: “Abeg make una help me i bought Cherie from this small boy i paid him money he refuse and he said he’s going to collect the money on one condition if only i will be his girlfriend….can he carry my load?”
In clear terms, Regina Daniels who has featured in several hit movies with a followership of over a million on Instagram, believes the boy can’t foot her bills.
Here are the screenshots below



Michael Jackson’s Father, Joe Is Dead At the age of 89

Joe Jackson, the father of one of the world’s most successful musicians, Michael Jackson, has died.
It has been reported that Michael’s Jackson’s dad has died!
According to TMZ, family sources revealed that Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family passed away at 3:30 AM Wednesday in L.A.
Joe was hospitalized in June with terminal cancer. His family had been flocking to his bedside since. His wife, Katherine, had been at his bedside as were some of Joe’s children and grandchildren.
Joe had been battling health problems for some time now. He was hospitalized back in 2016 after coming down with a high fever. But, he bounced back not long after and was seen partying in Vegas.
His health was also fragile after a stroke and 3 heart attacks back in 2015. Doctors implanted a pacemaker.
Joe may have been the most successful parent managing his children in the history of music. He, with a little help from Diana Ross, engineered the careers of The Jackson 5, and then Michael and Janet Jackson as solo artists.
The elder Jackson took a lot of heat from Michael and his siblings for abusing parenting and management practices, including physical brutality.
Joe copped to it but, far from apologizing … he said his methods made his kids successful and kept them out of jail.
Michael’s dad stood by him during his molestation trial. After Michael’s death, Joe was criticized for trying to make money off his son’s memory.
Joe had 10 kids with Katherine, his wife of more than 60 years. The 2 did not live together and had a strained relationship for the last years of his life, but they frequently interacted.
Joe was 89.

Nigerian musician D’banj Loses Son

This is really heartbreaking… 😰😰😰
We can confirm that D’banj has suffered a sad loss, his son he named Daniel III with his wife Didi has died a year after he was born.
Daniel, according to various reports, drowned in a pool yesterday.
There is no official statement from the 38-year old singer yet.

Our condolences on the passing of your Son, May the Lord clean your Tears 💔💔💔
May his Soul rest in perfect peace 🙏

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson’s mother is dead

Top Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has confirmed the death of her mother.

Johnson took to her Instagram page to announce the sad news.
“It deeply saddens me to say that my beloved mother is gone.

“This is a trying time for my family and we would appreciate your prayers, even as we plead for our privacy at this time. Thank you,” the actress wrote.
Mercy Johnson, who is also Kogi State Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, earlier this month insisted she would never return her wedding ring to her husband, as everything was fine with them.

The talented actress, earlier this year, was rumoured to have experienced some problems in her marriage after she deleted all her pictures, including that of her husband, from her Instagram page.

10 richest musicians in the world 2018 and their mind-blowing net worth

The stardom of the richest musicians keeps changing annually. Millions of bucks are hovering above Hollywood and Broadway ranking someone higher on the list. There is a curious thing: who is wealthier than your favorite singer? Let’s make it clear right now. Keep reading to find out the names of the world stars who managed to reach the list of top 10 richest musicians in the world.

10. Mariah Carey: $510 million

The fans of Mariah Carey should sigh in relief. She is still one of the richest musicians. Mariah is good at getting most out of her singing career. It has been the vehicle for going higher and having more. To prove it, the perfumes from Mariah Carey seems to have a great demand.

9. Jay-Z: $560 million

How skillfully Jay-Z can deal with money! There is a funny statement: “Jay-Z says goodbye to come back again.” It helped him multiply his savings. He has under his belt 19 Grammy’s, and more than 100 million sold out records. Moreover, his trademark Rocawear and the marriage with Beyonce has made him much wealthier than he used to be.

8. Bono: $600 million

The Irish singer has got the title of the world richest musician by a mere coincidence. He said “yes” to the suggestion of Larry Mullen Jr to create a rock band. As it turned out, the famous U2 had become a lucrative endeavor. Later on, he invested in a five-star hotel and the Elevation Partners firm. This philanthropic man does lots of charity work as he knows the boomerang law.

7. Celine Dion: $630 million

Everyone would expect to see her in Forbes richest musicians. And everyone knows why. The smash-hit “My Heart Will Go On” has gained the greatest accolade in the world of music. More than 200 million of sold out records have turned into the unbelievable amount of money. She firmly grabbed the opportunity to get richer. Years passed by but she is still in Top 10.

6. P.Diddy: $700 million

Another college dropout is on Top Ten richest men in the world. It seems that he does his business according to “the more you get, the more you invest.” P.Diddy hasn’t limited himself to recordings only. The label Bad Boy records and the producing of Mase and The Notorious B.I.G. have significantly enriched his profit.

5. Dr.Dre: $780 million

It is hard to believe it, but Dr.Dre can boast of just two albums! However, it was enough to launch his trademark as well as a couple of world-famous singers like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. His headphones Beats By Dre have become the top one, having gained lots of money for the owner.

4. Madonna: $800 million

Madonna would not be called Madonna if she hasn’t been on the list of Top 10 richest musicians in the world. She has been pumping hits into the industry of music since the 80’s. This singing traveler has toured around the world more than any singer can ever imagine! Music is her golden trade.

3. Herb Alpert: $850 million

He is the holder of numerous awards: more than 10 Platinum albums, 9 Grammy’s, 15 Gold albums and 72 million sales! Did you know that A&M records imply Alpert? This fact is one of many reasons for his wealth.

2. Paul McCartney: $1.1 billion

No doubt, one of The Beatles is here. The thing is that Mr. McCartney gets money from writing credits. It means he will be on the list of Top Ten Richest Men in the World forever. Beatlemania spread worldwide long time ago, but it is still popular nowadays. That is why the members of the immortal band are rich people.

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber: $1.2 billion

You don’t know his name, but you know such masterpieces as Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of Opera, Cats, Evita, etc. Webber and Broadway are closely related to each other. He gets a profit from practically every show staged on Broadway and around the globe. His business called the Really Useful Group is the extremely lucrative enterprise that guarantees him the status-of-always-extremely-rich-man.

Great talent and hard work of these musicians made them extremely rich, and now they are wealthy enough to be on the list of the richest musicians in the world.

Wizkid speaks on comparison with Fela

Nigerian ‘Starboy’, Wizkid has spoken on comparison between him and Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
The comparison started after Wizkid performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London
Reacting, Wizkid told HipTv that it was disrespectful to compare him with Fela.
According to him, Fela is an inspiration to him.
“You cannot compare me with Fela, let us not use that word that is disrespectful.
“You cannot mention I and Fela in the same sentence.
“Fela is an inspiration, my performance at Royal Albert hall was inspired by him,” Wizkid said.

JAMB withholds 111,981 UTME results

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board on Tuesday said the results of 111,981 candidates who sat for the 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination had been withheld for “further screening” while it had released 1,502,978 results.

The JAMB’s Head of Public Affairs, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, who stated this in a release, noted that the results of the 350 blind candidates, who took the 2018 UTME, had yet to be released.

The PUNCH had exclusively reported on Monday that the board would release the results of 1.3 million candidates on Monday nationwide, after they had gone through all security checks and found to be without malpractice.

The JAMB spokesperson said on Tuesday that 1.5 million results had been released while 111,981 were withheld for further screening.

Benjamin said, “After viewing all CCTV footages during the conduct of the 2018 UTME and considering reports from our supervisors, monitors and other independent Nigerians, JAMB has released the results of 1,502,978 candidates.

“1,652,825 candidates had indicated interest in the examination by registering for the 2018 UTME. Also, 112,331 results are yet to be released out of which 350 are the results of the blind candidates which would be released soon and 111,981 results withheld for further screening.

“The figures above exclude foreign candidates whose examination will be conducted in April.”

Big Brother Naija mistakenly shows video clips from the housemates shower time

According to an earlier report , Big Brother had surprised the housemates by bringing one of the former housemate Miyonse to the house.

Miyonse who was the judge of the Samvita Cooking Challenge and also the first former Big Brother housemate to visit the current editon of the reality show.

The housemates who were instructed to prepare either vegetable or egusi soup with Samvita flour, put so much effort in the preparation of their meal.

At the end of the challenge Bam Bam won the best cook while Lolu was declared the worst cook.

Story Of girl (Stop sending nudes to men)


You are chatting at night 🌉 🌃 with her👧
You suddenly feel horny💦💧
You quickly ask for a nude 👙🔥
She says no✖
You continue👉
She asks you to understand her 😢
You tell her to trust you 😇
She says she can’t expose her body to anyone🙅
You still go on👆
She tells you to wait ✋
You wait patiently 😊
She sends it 💥💫
You feel happy ✊
You wank 🍌💦 on it
You finish 🏁 you look at the nude 👙 again
You feel disgusted 😣
You think its nasty after wanking on it😒
You then go to mobile uploads 😲😶
You upload the pic with a nasty caption 😩😔
You even tag her 😐
She sees it 😪
She inboxes you to delete it😭😭 she cries and begs
But you say no🙅‼
She tells you she’ll send more if you delete that one✖
You say you’ve seen everything you wanted 😏
People start to like and react on the nude👙😒
Some start to comment bad things😢,some defend🙅,some feel sorry,some laugh 😂
Her friends see the nude👙 some friends are disappointed and discriminate her😣 some friends defend her😪 but it does nothing cause everybody has seen the nude 👙
Some people share it👉,some save😒 and some even show her relatives 😔😡
She’s toned she regrets she cries 😢
Next day she goes to school 🏫
She finds some people booing her 👎👎👎
She enters the class just about to sit👇 she’s called by the head teacher 😣
She’s told to explain what the head teacher and the member of stuff have heard 👀 she fails 😣😪
She’s beaten 📏 the head teacher call her parents 😐😔
They talk to the head teacher and the result is that she’s expelled ‼❌❎
The parents try to plead but the head teacher is cold hearted 💪
She goes home 🏠 her parents disappointed 😞 and they also beat her 🙍
Her phone is taken away 🙍 😞
Her life ruined 😒😐
She tries to take a walk just to think things through ☹
But as she’s walking people point at her 👈👈👈
She hears them talking about the same thing 😞 🙍
Some laugh 📞😂😂😂
She goes back home 🏠
Thinking too much 😔
She decides to commit suicide as a relief 😣
She goes to her mothers bedroom 🏨🚶
She gets the rat poison ❌✖
She quickly drinks it 💀
Within two minutes she’s dead 💀
Her parents call for her 😠
She doesn’t answer 😪😩
They are mad they call again 😠 she doesn’t answer
They quickly go to her bedroom to beat her 🔪🔪🔧
They find her dead with the rat poison beside her 👈
They feel bad😞 they blame themselves
They cry 😭😭😭 they regret punishing her 😭
They call her relatives and close friends 😢😣
Everybody knows and they feel sad 😢 😿 😾 💔 🙍
Her best friend cries 😭😭😭 cause she can’t believe what she sees 😢😣
The exposer also hears the news 📰 his toned 💔
He regrets 😿 he feels like going back to time 😾
The burial day has come, her best friend and parents see the coffin lowering they all burst in tears 😢 They can’t believe it 😢
Her parents are never the same from their daughters
Everybody close to her are not the same 😢😣
The exposer is being haunted with force pictures of her 😒😐😩
It started simple until it was too much
You can easily ruin someone’s life with something you think is simple 😒
…..try to think things through…
It Seems that’s what the exposer wants
Note: This is How Serious it Would Have Been…
Girls wise up, Neva send ur nude to any guy/girl.. Not all are matured/trusted.
Life is like electricity, Anybody can shock you…
Protect ur integrity and be modest 👌…Show love to someone by sharing this to someone…
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The Lord bless you!!!